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Wrist support for immobilization of the wrist


In today's society, wrist braces are basically one of the essential sports equipment for athletes. The wrist is the most active part of the body and one of the most prone to injury, and athletes have a high chance of developing tenosynovitis at the wrist. To protect it from sprains or to speed up healing, wearing wrist braces is one of the effective ways.

There are two types of wrist braces: one is medical and the other is sports. Medical wrist braces serve two purposes, the first is to provide support and load relief to a weak and overworked wrist joint; the second is to limit movement so that the injured area can rest. Sports wrist braces are used to provide pressure to the wrist and reduce swelling.

There are various kinds of wrist brace fabrics. A kind of towel type, the wrist has no protective effect, the main role is to wipe sweat and decorative, and wear it on the hand can also prevent a lot of sweat on the arm to the hand. The other is the bandage that has a reinforcing effect on the joints, and this is the wrist brace that has a protective effect and is made of a very elastic material. These two fabrics are more often used in sports wrist braces. Medical wrist braces, on the other hand, will add metal and plastic strips for support, giving good fixation to the wrist and helping the injured wrist to recover. If you want to know more, please enter https://www.orthotic-braces.com

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