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  • 1.Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?

    We are a professional manufacturer specialized in all kinds of braces.OEM & ODM service are available. Our products range includes Ankle Braces, Night Splints, Knee Braces, Back Supports, Arm Slings, Cervical Collars, Walker Boot and other protective and orthopedic equipment for various body parts.

  • 2.What is your payment terms ?

    Payment terms: T/T 50% Payment with sales order; 50% Payment before shipment.

  • 3.What is your trade terms ?

    Generally, we use FOB and EXW. Other terms please contact us for more information.

  • 4.Do you provide samples for free?

    We offer free samples for some low-valued products. But you need to pay the freight.

  • 5.What are offloading shoes?

    Unloading shoes consist of therapeutic shoes, which are expected to provide pressure redistribution for at-risk patients with diabetic foot diseases such as neuropathic ulcers, Charcot foot and infections.

  • 6.Why do runners wear knee braces?

    Knee straps are most commonly used to relieve patellar tendinitis or "runner's knee" pain and Osgood Schlatter disease. The padded belt helps relieve pressure on the tendon, thereby reducing pain.

  • 7.When should you use a finger splint?

    Most studies have shown that a splint called a baseball splint is the best choice for a sprained finger. The injured finger should be clamped in a slightly bent or downward bent position and kept for 5 to 7 days.This will help the fingers recover.

  • 8.Is a neck brace good for neck pain?

    A neck brace, also called Cervical collar or C collar, is used to support the spinal cord and head. These collars are common treatment options for neck injuries, neck surgery, and certain neck pain conditions.

  • 9.How is the market of orthopedic braces now?

    Affected by the epidemic, the market for orthopedic braces and braces has experienced short-term negative growth. Reasons include a sharp decline in elective surgery and the ban on organized sports activities. In addition, the O&P clinic is temporarily closed, and the hospital can only receive non-essential care. Therefore, limited access to doctors, social distancing, population blockade (resulting in reduced trauma and work-related injuries), and the slowdown in patient flow and referrals have also affected market growth.

  • 10.How do you guarantee product quality?

    1. Review potential and existing supplier's qualifications. 2. Set product standards/specifications 3. Test our product. 4. Inspect during production. 5. Focus on and support continuous improvement

  • 11.When will I receive a reply?

    Generally speaking, we can reply to you within 24 hours after receiving the email or online message.

  • 12.What's the minimum order quantity (MOQ) ?

    It depends, but it's usually 1000.We accept a lower MOQ, but the price will be a little higher. Price is adjusted according to the quantity. The more quantity you need, the more discount we can give you.

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