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Walking Achilles boots for ankle injury and sprain


Walking boot braces, also known as walking Achilles boots, are medical ankle immobilization supports, which can be used as protective gear for calf fractures and Achilles tendon ruptures. People can not walk normally after Achilles tendon surgery. The Achilles tendon cannot move normally during the rehabilitation period, and the heat of summer makes it impossible to put on a heavy cast. Walking boot braces can be used in place of a cast, allowing the Achilles tendon to be effectively protected during the rehabilitation period. Achilles boot is suitable for ankle sprain injury; Achilles tendon rupture; ankle fracture rupture; tibiofibular fracture, etc.

Walking Achilles boots are divided into the following categories:

1. Inflatable adjustable Achilles boots, this Achilles boots built-in airbag, according to the angle can be adjusted to their own comfortable angle to wear.

2. Angle adjustable Achilles boots, not inflatable, but the angle can be adjusted. 

3. Inflatable Achilles boot with built-in airbag, inflatable and comfortable inside.

4. Ordinary Achilles boots, neither with inflatable nor angle adjustment, but nothing special inside compared to other Achilles boots.

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