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Orthopedic brace become an important part of medical equipments


Orthopedic braces, also known clinically as orthoses, are extracorporeal support devices designed to reduce dysfunction of the extremities, spine, and skeletal muscle system.

The functions of orthopedic brace are: 1. stabilization and support 2. fixation function 3. protection function 4. mobility aid function 5. prevention and correction of deformity 6. weight-bearing function.

Orthopedic braces have excellent superiority. Orthopedic brace is an important part of the advanced adjustment methods in the world today. Compared with traditional adjustment methods, orthopedic braces are easy to use and more effective, helping patients to resume exercise and return to work earlier. It has the fit and stability of plaster fixation, and can also avoid side effects such as muscle atrophy and skin itching caused by plaster (including other polymer materials). The domestic application of adjustable knee brace, adjustable cervical spine fixed traction brace, adjustable elbow brace, foot and ankle fixed brace, etc., strongly promote the development of bone and joint diseases and injuries and the recovery of motor function after joint surgery.

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Orthopedic braces

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