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What is a Philadelphia neck brace


Do you feel neck pain during your daily work and study? If your pain are obvious and lasting for a long time, then you need to see a doctor or wearing a neck brace that can relieve pain.

Cervical brace is a medical nursing tool used to correct and provide nursing care after neck injury. It minimizes the violent or large movements of neck, plays a fixed support role, and helps the neck to recover in the shortest time.

Among them, the Philadelphia neck brace is a more commonly used, professional neck brace with a wide range of applications and universal use. While it provides better protection and fixation, it also allows the patient to have a certain degree of comfort.

The Philadelphia neck brace can provide necessary stable support for the cervical spine after fracture, has a strong fixing effect, and is very comfortable to wear.

It is made of polymer foam plastic material and it is designed according to the shape of the human shoulder and neck. The neck brace is surrounded by vents, reinforced with plastic plates at the front and rear, and has buckles and can be adjusted in size. It is mainly used for cervical fracture fixation and dislocation Reset and fix etc. Due to its light weight and vent holes, the wearing comfort is further improved. It is waterproof and can be cleaned easily with warm water and neutral soap. In the market, there are traditional Philadelphia neck braces and some improved new Philadelphia neck braces. The colors, materials, details, functions, etc. are slightly different, but they are generally the same.

The Philadelphia neck brace is suitable for radiculopathy of cervical spondylosis, and has obvious therapeutic effects on neck pain caused by long-term work, study, or driving. Long-term use of this product can play a role in neck care.

Appropriate to have a history of cervical spondylosis and no history of cervical spondylosis. Suitable for long-term banding with a history of cervical spondylosis, half an hour a day, has great effect. If you have a sudden cervical spondylosis and have no time to see a doctor, you can take a few days to relieve the symptoms.

Philadelphia neck brace

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