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Knowledge about waist support


Waist belt, also known as waist support, back brace, lumbar support,etc. In sports and daily life, it can protect the waist from injury, and relieve pain, provides support, heat preservation, posture correction, and other special functions. Wearing a waist support of right material and size can effectively protect the waist and prevent damage. Nowadays, there are many kinds of belts on the market with different functions. Our company mainly produces orthopedic rehabilitation braces to help patients with waist health problems.


Indications for waist belt

1. Rehabilitation and treatment of bone spurs, low back pain, sciatica and other diseases;

2. Correction of hunchback and other bad posture;

3. Prevention and adjuvant treatment of lumbar syndromes such as lumbar spondylopathy and lumbar muscle strain;

4. Stability after lumbar spine surgery or during the recovery period of lumbar disc herniation;

5. Protecting and supporting the waist of the elderly and physically weak people engaged in manual labor;

6. Eliminate or relieve waist, abdomen, back fatigue and discomfort.


Suitable crowd

1. Patients suffering from lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spine hyperplasia, misalignment, lumbar muscle strain, sciatic nerve and other lumbar diseases, and patients who need rehabilitation after surgery;

2. Working people who stay in the same posture for a long time, such as office workers and long-distance bus drivers;

3. People with lumbar hypertrophy, lumbar spine pain;

4. Middle-aged and elderly people who need to share the pressure of the lumbar spine in order to avoid deformation and dislocation of the lumbar spine after the age of 35.


Functions of waist belt

1. Provide pressure. Put a certain pressure on the muscles to adjust the balance of exercise force. To a certain extent, strengthen muscle strength and reduce swelling;

2. Support. The harder waist support can provide a certain amount of support during exercise, hold the waist with an excessive bending angle, reduce muscle stress, and avoid sprains or waist pain. The functional lumbar support has metal support bars attached to the back and sides to provide greater support and avoid accidental injuries. Some high waist supporters have thick pads at the back;

3. Insulation. The double-layer or multi-layer material is soft and comfortable , which has good heat preservation function;

4. Posture correction. Correct bad posture and maintain spine physiological curve. Nowadays, many young people like to play mobile phones and computer games. They often develop bad postures. Poor posture is not only bad for your image, it can also do a lot of damage to your body. It need to be corrected.  


So how do we choose a suitable waist belt?

First of all, you must choose the type that suits you according to the purpose and function. Secondly, the material and fabric is also important. The key to choosing the material of the waist belt is to see whether the material is thin and breathable. No matter it is winter or summer, the waist belt should be ventilated and perspired. At the same time, we must choose a belt with guaranteed quality and scientific design. If the design is not ergonomic, instead of providing a therapeutic relief, it can be harmful to your body.

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