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Neoprene Hinged ROM Knee Brace

  • Neoprene Hinged ROM Knee Brace
  • Neoprene Hinged ROM Knee Brace
  • Neoprene Hinged ROM Knee Brace
Neoprene Hinged ROM Knee Brace
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  • Xiamen, Fujian, China
  • Within 45 -60 days as per your order quantity
  • Twelve 40' containers per month

Rear opening hinged knee brace
Color: Black
Customized Service: Accepted
Business type: OEM & ODM, Manufacturer, Factory, Exporter
MOQ: 300 pcs( for reference)
Sample: Available
Certification: CE, FDA, MDR, ISO13485
Port: Xiamen
Lead time: Around 45 days, based on QTY. The first order will take a little longer
Size: Univ
No: KN006

Product Details:


  1. For post patellofemoral joint pain syndrome, patellar dislocation

  2. Peri-knee instability

  3. Pain caused by hemilunar chondroidectomy

  4. Knee sprains, knee ligament injuries

  5. Weakness of the knee joint in patients with hemiplegia


  1. In addition to the support provided by the straps and the elastic SBR, the hinges on both sides also provide support for the knee joint

  2. The design of the knee opening effectively reduces wrinkles and discomfort when bending the knee, and helps the patella release the pressure during exercise, reducing the accumulation of the burden that causes the joint ligaments to reduce endurance and injury

  3. Velcro design makes it easier to wear

  4. Neoprene material can provide knee joint muscle support and decompression, providing the strongest protection for the soft tissue around the knee joint   

  5. Internal sewing anti-slip belt, not easy to slip when wearing

  6. Perforated lining, good breathability

  7. Turntable design, able to adjust the mobility of the knee joint

hinged knee brace

ROM knee support

Packaging Details: 

PE bags of 3 types: zip lock, seal, sticky

High quality cartons: 63*42*48cm or 57*36*42cm, other sizes can be customized

White box & Color box are customizable with extra charge

All the details of the package can be customized

Packaging cartons:

neoprene hinged knee support

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