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Weekly report: Understanding Material Characteristics-Hardware


The news in this issue is finally here! Our training session last Friday went as planned, and this time it was about the most commonly used hardware in all of our products.

As we have a wide range of products, different products need different materials to show the characteristics of the products. For example, the frame of bilateral OA knee pads has a certain curvature, we use aluminum alloy, because aluminum alloy can be well formed and not easy to break, it is very suitable for the frame of our OA knee pads.

Another example is the turntable of our knee pads and walking shoes, we will use stainless steel. Because stainless steel is strong and not easy to wear out, it perfectly meets our needs for turntable features.

All the materials we need to use for our products are based on the experience we have gained through hundreds of production runs and are constantly being improved. If you are interested in our company and products, please mail to sales4@huakangortho.com. We will provide you with competitive price and reliable quality. We maintain long-term cooperation with all our customers because we are aggressive, innovative and provide high quality goods.


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