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Weekly report: 24" ROM knee Support


Weekly product report of ROM Knee Support is going. As manufacturer of ROM Knee Support, we can do customized service with competitive price and high quality. Welcome testing our samples.

The knee joint is where the upper and lower leg bones meet, with the meniscus in the middle and the patella in the front. The patella is stretched by two muscles and suspended before the intersection of the leg bones and slides very easily, and in normal life, the patella can move normally in a small way in the knee area because it is not affected by external forces and there is no strenuous exercise. As a result of strenuous exercise, it is easy for the patella to be pulled away from its original part, thus causing diseases in the knee area. That's why people limit joint movement by wearing knee pads, which reduces joint pain.

This ROM knee brace has an angle adjustment chuck, which is good for controlling the knee movement within a certain range of motion or fixing the knee at an angle to promote healing of the affected area.

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ROM Knee Support

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