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The Beginning of Autumn is Coming


The Beginning of Autumn is one of the twenty-four Chinese solar terms, which signifies the arrival of Autumn.

After the beginning of autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening increases, the air humidity decreases, and it is more suitable for exercise at this time, and the amount of exercise can be appropriately increased. Running, climbing can be, to moderate sweating without fatigue is appropriate. Exercise can also take the opportunity to bask in the sun, which helps promote calcium absorption.

Of course, in the process of exercise, we should pay attention to protect our bodies. Proper wearing of some protective gear can reduce the injury during our sports. If you are going hiking, we recommend that you wear ankle and knee pads. Because climbing the mountain will be more frequent use of our knee joint, knee pads can provide support for the knee joint to a large extent, and good wrapping can stabilize our knee joint. At the same time, ankle support can prevent ankle sprains during exercise.

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