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October 15th, 2022, Annual Group Outing of Jinguang Lake


On October 15th, 2022, our company held our annual group outing. This year our destination is a new hot spot in Xiamen: the Jinguang lake. After visiting the scenery, everyone completed the game in groups under the guidance of the host. This group game was good to enhance the relationship between colleagues. In the evening, we all gathered for dinner to end the whole day's trip.

The annual reunion activities are a good way to enhance the relationship between colleagues and improve team cohesion, and can be a good way to relieve the fatigue brought about by work, which is why our company organizes trips every year.

Today is the first day to work after the journey. Everyone came to the company early to share interesting things about travel while preparing to start a new day of work, relaxed and harmonious.

Let's look forward to the next trip!

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