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Ice hockey protector for Winter Olympic equipment


In ice hockey, the maximum speed of hitting the ball can exceed 100 kilometers per hour, so protective equipment is very important. The protective equipment of ice hockey is really "armed to the teeth", so as to ensure that any part of the player and any action are protected. Ice hockey protectors include leg protectors, knee protectors, thigh protectors, hip protectors and hip protectors, shoulder protectors, chest protectors, elbow protectors, gloves, helmets and ear protectors. This is only the "basic model". Young athletes also need to wear neck protection and customized tooth protection. The latter can not only protect the teeth, but also prevent the teeth from shaking the skull after being hit, resulting in concussion. As for helmets, players of all ages are also different. Ice hockey players under the age of 18 shall have full face shield to cover their faces; Over 18 years old can wear half mask, only covering eyes and nose; The helmets of athletes over the age of 35 can be without masks.

For ice hockey, the protective equipment not only has the function of protection, but also needs to be easy to wear and take off, light, waterproof, breathable, non sweat absorbing, antibacterial and help the body maintain a constant temperature.

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knee protector in Winter Olympic

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